Sincerely Sugar was established in 2014 while my mother was battling Breast cancer. She and I have always loved ALL things hair. From braids to wigs, extension or even just having a head full of healthy hair we loved it all. During her chemo therapy she refused to let the treatment rob her of her beautiful locks, instead she called my brother in with the clippers for a fresh fade. She laughed and enjoyed herself through the entire ordeal. With her hair gone finding someone to make a natural looking wig was another challenge. We reached out to several celebrity stylist but got ignored every time, and giving up was not an option. My mother had a general idea of how to sew in hair being that she was an excellent seamstress (needle and thread were her best friends). She would always tighten up my tracks or sew a couple in when I needed it. One day she insisted that we didn't need anyone to make her a wig. I can remember her saying its not hard baby girl I know you can make one for me you can do anything just like you mother. In order to give her the most natural look we needed quality hair with the right texture which was not an easy find. This is when we came up with the idea to start our own company. Now naming that company was another story,I was lost until I asked my brother to give it a shot. He incorporated our Grandmother and Mother's nicknames.(Sugar and Sugar Cane) Those two were the sweetest most loving women you could ever come across. Our Sugar Cane lost her earthly battle with Breast Cancer in 2015 ,but won her eternal place in the kingdom. She literally went out with a smile. She also left a brand for my brother and I to establish. Sincerely Sugar was created with the intent to pursue something that I enjoy while also helping others through a non profit organization for women battling cancer.